Terri Glonek founder of Go Anywhere Travel has always loved exploring the world, and it all began as a child.

Her parents made every effort to provide the family with a vacation full of memories even if it meant sacrificing something they wanted in order to achieve that goal. She may not have realized the depth of their kindness at the time, but as Terri grew older, this gave her a deep appreciation and a sense of gratitude for the time she was able to spend abroad in the early part of her life, making travel a part of who she was, and aligning her for her future endeavors. 

Terri has a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to traveling and running a business, so it was a natural fit for her to eventually combine the two together to create Go Anywhere Travel. After graduating from high school, she began a career in accounting, following in her mother’s footprints and working at the same well-known insurance company that she had. However, with no room for advancement after a few years of committed work, and her desire to take her career a step further, she opted for a change and became an Administrative Assistant for a very prominent package delivery company where she would meet her future husband and travel companion, who just happened to be the owner.

After a few years, Terri got her commercial drivers license to assist her husband with the delivery company. She began driving the semi truck alongside him on weekends and running the trucking company during the week. During this happy time, she had a chance to see parts of the United States she had never seen as a child. Terri and her husband ran the company for 30 years until they sold the business and “retired”.

However, they were too young to retire. They still had many things they wanted to see and do! Terri’s husband encouraged her to pursue her love of travel and gain the knowledge and ability to help others who shared the same passion of wanting to travel the world. Terri became a Travel Specialist helping others create the vacations and trips of their dreams. With this, Go Anywhere Travel evolved where Terri can help anyone and everyone, go anywhere!