There are only a few places in the entire world where you can see the northern lights.

You’ve seen them in movies, you’ve seen the pictures, but to see them live and in person, is an experience unlike any other. Visiting Alaska may not seem like the best vacation option for many. Yes, it is very cold! But the snow does melt in the summertime. In fact, you’ll even enjoy endless daylight. Aside from the astonishing and mesmerizing northern lights,  Alaska is packed with monstrous mountains, over 100,000 towering glaciers, and amazing wildlife. It has a lively city, an entertaining nightlife, and a unique culture all its own. Alaska is a land unlike any other, and a place to be seen at least once in a lifetime. Put it on the bucket list!

Go Anywhere Travel has Alaskan excursion vacation packages that take you to the most prominent destinations the state has to offer. Your trip can include hiking, surfing, sea kayaking among the icebergs, and iceberg cruises that are unique to the state alone. Pack up your winter gear and invest in a good pair of binoculars because you are going to see sights that your eyes have never seen before, and have some adventures you never thought possible.

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